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About kachinakitchens

After partnering with my father for 10 years in New York with Cameo Kitchens, I decided to strike out on my own. My wife and I moved to Phoenix in 1979. I went to work for a company called Kitchen and Bath for 10 years doing cabinet refacing and complete kitchen remodels. They eventually were bought out by a another major remodeling company. I then ran the Home Depot division for 5 years. I was in charge of all of the kitchen and countertop installations, overseeing approximately 15 people, and all of the Home Depot stores. After leaving there, I worked for 2 other remodeling companies before going into business for myself. I knew I had the necessary skills to provide a unique and innovative product and service for my customers. I partnered with Dick Adamski a few years back to try to share the burden of everyday operations. It has proven to be highly successful in allowing us to give more attention to the customers' needs. Every one working with me now, I consider a friend and rely on and trust in them.

The Company We Keep

It’s a truism that people (and businesses) are known by the company they keep.  Here are some of the partners that help Kachina Kitchens deliver the top-quality kitchen and bathroom remodels our customers expect:

picture of kitchen before remodeling


If you’ve been thinking about a kitchen or bathroom remodel, check out the high-grade products we have to offer and then give us a call.  From design to delivery, Kachina Kitchens makes your dreams come true!

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What is refacing?

So Whats all this talk about refacing? It’s a fast, less costly and far less inconvenient way of updating your kitchen. Unlike refinishing you can change your wood species, door style and color. Refacing involves covering the exposed sides and toe kicks of you cabinets with plywood and veneering the faces. Then we replace the doors,hinges, drawer fronts and moldings all in your choice of maple, oak, alder, knotty alder or beech. The material all comes to your house finished and takes on average 3 to 5 days. There are many door styles and unlimited colors to choose from. All your appliances are functioning through the whole process and usually runs about 30% less than new. If you already have new counter tops this also may be your only choice.

Kachina Kitchens


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Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinets: Refacing vs. Replacing

cabinet refacing, step 1Why reface your old cabinets instead of replacing them?

  • We can alter or add cabinets to your existing layout.
  • Your kitchen remains operational and is usually completed in less than a week.
  • You can save up to 50% of the price of new cabinets!

What’s the difference between refacing and refinishing?

  • In refinishing, your original cabinets are sanded and then stained or repainted.cabinet refacing - step 2
  • When we reface your cabinets, the drawers and door fronts are replaced with new ones and the boxes are covered with matching veneer.

Here’s how the refacing process works:

Step 1 – We remove all doors, drawer fronts, and trim. We thoroughly sand all sides and faces to remove all dirt and grease.

Step 2 – We cover the sides and toe kick with 1/4″ cabinet refacing - step 3plywood and the face frames with matching veneer. This is
done with the same species as the doors.

Step 3 – All doors are then installed using concealed European hinges. The drawer fronts are also attached to the drawer boxes.

Step 4
– New trim is installed and if you want, new handles or knobs supplied by you are put on for free.

cabinet refacing - step 4Step 5 – The completed kitchen with granite tops and tile
backsplashes. A great new look for you to enjoy for years to come!

Why use Kachina Kitchens for your refacing project?

  • The owners have over 40 years’ experience.
  • We only work with quality tradespeople.
  • We use quality materials such as solid wood doors and moldings and European five-way adjustable hinges, cabinet refacing - step 5fully concealed.
  • We strive to provide timely work at a competitive price.
  • Our policy has always been: Best Quality, Best Prices, Best Service.

If you are interested in a refacing quote and live anywhere in the greater Phoenix area, give us a call today!

~Your Remodeling Experts at Kachina Kitchens

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